Saturday, January 19, 2008


I'm shrinking. No, I'm not losing weight. I wish that were so. My story on that subject is it's the meds. Everything I'm on has a side effect of gaining weight. Heck, I didn't even lose weight on chemo. So I'm blaming the meds and I'm sticking with that.

No, I seem to be shrinking other things. The shower curtain was the second thing in a month that I shrunk.

I bought some yarn in Little Rock when we were there for Christmas 2005. My sister has asked me several times if I ever made the hat from that yarn. It was the perfect match for my winter njacket. This past Nov. I pulled it out and knitted my hat.
I took a picture for posterity. That's my first bear, Teddy modeling it. I wasn't very original with names at 3 or 4 years of age.

It hasn't been very cold here yet, so I only wore it a few times. (I can tell, you already know what's coming.) I wore it to our At Home With Santa day. Our Kiwanis booth was on the porch of the Visitor's Center. We made cotton candy for the kids. I was practically covered in the pink sticky stuff. When I finished my shift, my jacket, gloves and hat went into the washing machine.

Oops, that hat was made of wool yarn. Oh my, what a cute little thing it became. Even Teddy can't wear it now. But Kent (i.e. Kent State) now has warm ears.

I've since knitted myself new hat and this time it's made out of washable yarn. Sigh! They say things come in threes. Maybe my butt will be next to shrink.

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mrdan123 said...

I found myself laughing out loud at this one. Good luck with that 3rd one. :)

I've been put on laundry probation about once or twice a year since I got married. There was only one time when I realized my guilt before my wife did. I have to tell you... I thought that little black and white sweater I pulled out of the dryer looked so cute!

...Right up until I realized why the pattern looked so familiar!

Thanks for the smile.