Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's a Dirty Job

I'm a fan of Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel. I get a kick out of all the ways Mike Rowe can get dirty. But the thing I really like is the way it shows ordinary people doing their job. The magazine Fast Company has a great article about the history of the show. You can read the article at

Here's a quote from it.

In his surprising second act, Rowe finds himself unexpectedly embracing a value
system built around work, a kind of morality of labor. "This show is really
about balance," he declares. People who do dirty jobs tend to "work hard and
be pillars of the community. They're happy outside of work." So taking on
subjects that don't reflect those themes doesn't sit well with him. "The
celebration of work, and the mixing of pain and fun--that's what it's all
about," he says. "It's the Puritan work ethic repackaged as a deliberate way
of living."

I like that.

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