Thursday, January 17, 2008

The meaning of the name

I've joined the 21st century and become a blogger. Actually I was already a blogger, but it was for a group I belong to and we were trying to keep a sweet cat boy alive.

Now, it's for me (and hopefully you).

So about the favorite saying is, "Don't sweat the small stuff." and the axiom of that is "Everything is small stuff." That my words to live by. Now I know that "everything" (war, death, disease, violence, meanness, etc.) is not "small stuff." It's big stuff. And when a big stuff comes into my life I treat it as just that. However, I try to let the annoyances, the bad things that can become OK things, and similar life occurrences stay "small stuff."

One of my most loved wall hangings is a picture given to us by Christ Presbyterian Church when we left for SC. I had been the Clerk of Session for many years as well as the Director of Christian Education. Charlie, who was the CE committee chair asked me one day before I left what my favorite saying was. I think he expected me to give a Bible reference. I said "Don't sweat the small stuff...and everything is small stuff." On the Sunday they gave us a goodbye reception, we were given this

How cool is that. Come to find out, it was Charlie's wife who did the painting. It has hung in every workplace since then and now in our home office. I love it.

So you know how the name came about. What is next? I guess we will both find out.


Sean said...

Yay for you Betty! Welcome to the blogging 'verse. Thanks for your many years of service to the storytelling world.

Granny Sue said...

Hi Betty! How cool to see your new blog. I love the picture. It's a good axiom to live by.