Monday, February 11, 2008

Shower curtains, hats, scarves and buttons

This is the week to replace the shrunken shower curtain. But it's much more. By this time next week, I hope to have a new shower curtain, waste basket cover, toilet seat cover, valance AND a shower curtain. I found the pattern on Sat. and now need to get the material. Then my sewing machine will be working overtime.

I already replaced my shrunken hat with a new, washable one, along with a scarf. I don't like scarves that are long. It's just too much material around my neck. I'll knit the right size for others, but I make mine short. And to make sure it stays in place, I added a button.

The button on it and the hat are special. I went through all my buttons. My buttons stash consists of all the ones I've collected as well as all my mother's. Those two were definitely in her stash. I don't have a clue about age. I did find a few upholstered ones that I reconized as coming from the green sofa that I somersaulted off at 18 months. Broke my collarbone with that stunt.

The scarf and hat are really red with some multi-colored specks. I don't have a clue why they look TN Vol orange in the pictures. I've been knitting like crazy. If anyone needs a hat or scarf, just let me know. If you'r a Small Stuff reader, they would be free except for the two skeins of yarn. And I buy Lion Brand Homespun for 4 bucks a skein.


Mary said...

Lovely! I'd like to see a photo of you wearing them! And when you finish making shower curtains, etc., another photo op!
I'm on the sleeves of the sweater I'm making for myself . . .it's been a long time, because I've done it mostly at home and carry the baby apple hats for protable projects.

BYRSTN said...

No photes!! Well, maybe if you'll post one of you wearing your sweater when you finish.