Thursday, February 21, 2008

My friend CY

My friend CY
Cheryl Thomason

We came to know each other through a breast cancer survivor board. The picture was taken last August. Some of the members of the group got together in upstate NY for what was called Pinkstock 07. From all reports they had a rocking good time. The little NY town might be back to normal by now.

Cy was diagnosed April 24, 2007. She died Tuesday night.

This blog isn't read by many. (I check the stats.) But to those who read it, get your mammogram or get your lady to get hers.

Do it for that lady in the twirling pink dress whose smile lit up the NY countryside. Do it for CY.


Mary said...

Amen to that recommendation. I've been told that it's the most treatable of all cancers, but it has to be caught early. It is exactly time for me to make that appointment, and I have changed to a facility where it DOESN'T hurt, because it shouldn't if done properly. I gave the technicians at my doctor's med building two chances (because I'm such a fair and understanding person). The next year I requested a referral to a different lab (because I fair is one thing; masochism is something else). So sorry that Cy is not still here to brighten the world with her smile.

Granny Sue said...

What a beautiful lady. She's still living in your memory and words. Thank you for telling us about her.