Saturday, February 9, 2008

A real net surfing find

Net surfing can lead to some very interesting sites. I got an email this morning from proporting a great weekend sale. So I clicked on it , checked out some things and then saw this link on the left side.


Ok, I'll bite.

Sure enough. You can buy a casket on

They have 12 styles to choose from and prices ranging from$1499.99 to $2499.99.

I checked out the Solid Cherry Wood for $2499.99. Heck, why not go for the best.
Now this is really a good deal. Their price is 50% off the regular price. I couldn't find a review for this item though, so I passed. I like to know what other people think about their purchases. You know...was it pretty, how much upkeep does it take, is it sized right, was it all they said it was?

I checked again. Nope there was no review. I guess I'll pass on that one. Let's see. Here's one with a
review. Yeah that was what I wanted to know.

Now there are some things buyers need to know when buying these items on

The main thing is to plan ahead:

They ship within 2 business days. So have that credit card ready.

Also, if you live in Idaho or Utah, you'll need to ship it to a friend in another state. They don't deliver to you guys.
And make sure that you don't need it delivered on a Sunday. They don't do that either.

According to the site there is a "sellout risk" so make sure you get your order in soon.
Now the good news...They have a "No Payments for 6 Months" options.

Oh, and I checked. They don't sell burial plots. For that you need to go to eBay.

As the song from Jay and the Americans goes..Only in America


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Sean said...

This made me laugh. Very funny stuff. Thanks for posting.