Saturday, July 17, 2010

Yikes, a new post after almost a year

I do not know how Granny Sue and Elloiuse do it everyday. By "it" I mean blogging. Now I read a bunch of blogs everyday and am glad the bloggers do, do "it." My friend Diane was here for the afternoon this week and she mentioned that I haven't had a new post in a long time. So Diane, this one's for you.

Diane and Jim - 07.15.10

Here's an almost year recap:
We moved in late August of 2009. We love the area, the apartment, our neighbors (well, now that the "herd of elephants" moved from upstair. Her mother called her, yes, one person, that.) We spent Thanksgiving back in TN, Christmas here, the 4th back in TN.
4th of July - I got to be in the parade!

We're volunteering at some of the events the City of Greenville have in the summer. We sold beer tickets and beer wristbands at a couple of the concerts.

Tony and I selling away

If you want live, free music you can get it here just about every night of the week. The downtown farmer's market is great.

Tony got his disability (5 months from application to notification, a little longer to first check). I'm not working, but more on that later.

Sissy loves it here, especially our porch. She thinks it is her right to have the door opened every morning so she can take her nap out there. It's been a little too hot for us to enjoy it during the day, but she'd tell you it's her spot anyway.

Let sleeping cats lie

Patrolling the area

We've had TN, GA and NC visitors and we've visited TN, GA and FL. The last was my trip to Miami to help my niece move. She, my sister and I had a great time. Cheryl and I convinced Nicole that the suit of armor would not be needed in her new home. We set it out on the curb with a few other things and within five minutes it had a new home. I took the picture peeking out the blinds and behind a screen window. I was laughing so hard that I'm surprised that the picture didn't come out worse.

A new home

Other events that we enjoyed were a Greenville Drive baseball game with our Sunday School class and raising money for St. Baldrick's.

The team is affiliated with the Boston Red Sox, so when in Rome. Thus the hat I'm wearing. Flour Field is awesome. They have a Green Monster and turn the scoreboard by hand, like Fenway.

And the Drive won!!!

And we both got buzzed for St. Baldrick's.

March 2010

I'm not working, but have some ideas for an Etsy shop. The one I'm seriously kicking around now is a fabric needle roll to store knitting needles, etc. So to everyone?, anyone? someone? out there reading this, would you have a need to buy a well made, reasonably priced, cool design needle roll for yourself or as a gift? This inquiring mind needs to know.
Ok, that's enough for today.

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