Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our new home

I thought I'd post some pictures of our new home: Greenville SC

An ariel view of downtown

One of my favorite intersections downtown: Main St and Coffee. There's a great coffee bar down the steps to the right of the building. It's called Coffee Underground.

Up the street from that corner is the Hyatt where Friday Night Jazz is held. And it's just one of many free regular events. If you check out the link, you might notice that nowhere on the schedule is bluegrass found. (And before you ask: yes, I like bluegrass......in moderation!!!!)

I can hear them now.

This is Smoke on the Water. The food is great.

Sat. Farmers Market. It continues on thru Oct. so we'll be able to take advantage of it.

I can't explain this picture, except to say, "Now, that's my kind of mowing!!"

And this is my kind of way to observe Breast Cancer Awareness month. Those are bras hanging from a bank building downtown.

Two shots from Fall for Greenville. We always enjoyed it in the past and look forward to this year's. I'm thinking about volunteering through Operation Bear Hug. On one of our trips down we donated some of the bears to go to live with some boys and girls who needed them.

All pictures can be found at: Greenville Daily Photo.

We decided against the loft apartment. We're moving back to a complex where we previously lived. We loved it there and the location and neighborhood is much better. Once we get settled, I'll take and post my own pictures. We are looking forward to exploring all the old spots and the many new one since we left. Me and the digital and Tony on his scooter with the 35mm. Look out Greenville, here we come. Until then, back to packing boxes.

Oh and I applied for 2 great jobs. Both with the Greenville Public Library. Boy, has the main branch changed in ten years. They have a coffee bar in now and there must be a room with sixty public computers. It has 119,215 square feet and is the second largest public library in the state. Keep your fingers crossed.



HI, Betty - we were just in Greenvill in July for a wedding. Darling town. Has such a good feeling. We loved the Shoeless Joe House Museum. I can see why you decided to move back. Wish we had had time to go over to Sandy Spring and Clemson. All the best.

Denton said...

Welcome back to Greenville Betty.

BYRSTN said...

Ellouise - Let me know when you will be in the area.

Denton - thank you. It's good to be home. Hope my link to your site and use of the photos was ok. If not, please let me know.