Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm still here

The move almost did me in, but we are settled and loving the new place. There's so much light! Having lived in a cave for about ten years (not really, but log houses have some light problems), I can't get used to not having to turn on every lamp we have in order to see.

I'll post pictures later, but just want to let anyone who reads this (is there anyone??) know I'm still here.


Granny Sue said...

I'm still here, Betty. I have you on RSS feed and wondered why nothing new was showing up. Now I know! I hope the new place is wonderful.

I gotta get some of those may pops. i wonder if they'll grow here.

Mary said...

Hurrah! I'm glad you have arrived safely. My closing is 7/10, and I'm dreading the move . . .but eagerly anticipating the house. I wish a wiggle of the nose or shake of the head . . .or a teleporter . . .could do the job for me.

Sean said...

Still here, finding it hard to keep up with all the blogs. Congrats on new move.

rafred said...

I love your new house, though I'm excited to see the pictures, because I know it'll look soo Betty and Tony -ish.

I'm visiting TN at least once a month nowadays...any guesses why? Pretty soon it'll be twice a month. It has nothing to do with storytelling. I hope to come and see you on one of those visits.

Lately they squished between early AM and Mike's work. Imagine getting a whole few hours all to myself! It's amazing.

Hope life is good!