Monday, May 12, 2008

How did I miss the whole month of April?

Wow, I knew it had been a while since I blogged, but over a whole month?? Where did April go? Well, most of it was taken up with a sinus infection. Mainly, April was spent coughing and sneezing. Then there was the week in Knoxville and a trip to Atlanta. Oh and there was many happy dances done by me and a lot of others over a move of the NSN BOD. Finally, they woke up.

Also, some of the month was taken up with packing. We're moving a whole seven tenths of a mile away. So the smell of cardboard is in the air. The new place is on the other side of the 4 lane so I'm getting as bike. The walk to town will be easy. There's more yard to mow so we bought a riding mower. I've used it twice on this place and can barely getting it going on the flat areas before I have to turn, But it's fast!

We already are filled up for the storytelling festival in October. Two of my most fav teller friends are staying with us along with another teller that I don't know that well. I know what I'm like with Karen or Meg alone. Put all three of us together and add another Karen (who writes great blogs) and hopefully the house will still be standing and Tony won't have run screaming into the night. I already have the meals planned and am counting the days.

There's been one moving disaster already. Last Friday Sissy Ann insisted on checking out an open box. Most of our boxes are book size so when she jumps in, she will check it out and jump back out. Not this one.

Before I could put the camera done she had found her way out of it, but it did take a while. She's shied away from that box ever since.

I promised Tony that I would have the Kiwanis KY/TN District 7 website up before the spring meeting that was on Sat. I managed to get it done a few days ahead of time. Now I need to finish the Jonesborough club's site.

More to come and hopefully, it won't be a month away.

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