Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness

No, this isn't about basketball.

And for any non-storytelling and NSN readers, I apologize ahead of time for the rant.

But hey, this is MY blog, I can rant if I want.

Today, my former employer the National Storytelling Network, lost an excellent Board member. Finally, there had been someone on the board who not only knew about fundraising, but had indeed been successful at raising those funds. David Joe Miller would have done great things for the organization. Sadly, he has resigned.

Let me add them up:
I resigned
Holly resigned
Jason resigned
Laura resigned
Eric resigned

That's the staff members since July 2007 who have left.

Then there were the three board members and now DJM.

I don't know the reasons for three of the four BOD members. But I do know that when all this turmoil can be traced back to one source, there is a MAJOR problem.

This madness has to end!


Sean said...

Sigh. Really, the best that can happen is that the orgnization would be razed nearly down to the nub and a new, reconciling, adaptive, consolidating and collaborative organization is reborn. I'm only happy that others are starting to see....

Mike Lockett said...

Sorry to hear that hurt still exists in the sound of the words you used, Betty! I am still working as an outsider - trying to remain a peacemaker and do what needs to be done...

Wishing you good things and avoiding taking sides in conflicts wherever possible.

Your friend,

Mike Lockett

BYRSTN said...


And I'm sorry you are hearing something that isn't there.

You know what being lukewarm means. There's a lot of that going around.


Sean said...

Yep, Betty. I think lukewarm water is what folks are supposed to use to wash their hands, right? Perhaps lukewarm was what they bathed the Emperor in when they put his new "clothes" on him?

Keep looking forward.

David Joe said...

Thanks for your kind words of support, my friend. A "certain" Betty Smith.
I appreciate your post "March Madness."
When will the madness stop? When a majority of the membership rise up and demand the resignation of the current Executive Director before she brings the entire organization down to her level.
Thats when.